All our Hearing Aids utilize patented Powered by Lucid® smart technology, allowing you to hear more of what you want and less of what you don’t. Superior to traditional compression hearing aid technology, Powered by Lucid innovation incorporates automatic adjustment algorithms developed for use in cochlear implants to optimize the listening experience of your ever-changing environments.

Multiple Channels & Programs

Advanced processing of sound to fit any environment

Dynamic Directional Microphone

Minimizes unwanted background noise

Nano Technology Coating

Repels liquid to improve durability

Intelligent Feedback Control

Reacts to dramatic changes in listening situations

Wind Noise Reduction

Detects wind noise and suppresses it

Proprietary Digital Sound Processing

Sets your most comfortable listening range as its target

Automated Adaptive Microphones

Powered by Lucid Technology ensures you hear more of what you want and less of what you don't for the most comfortable and natural listening experience.

Adaptive Dynamic Range

Hearing Aids Powered by Lucid focus the most important part of the sound signal in comfortable listening range while minimizing distortion.

Bluetooth Connectivity

Your 96 or 128 channel Powered by Lucid hearing aids can wirelessly sync with your mobile phone and other Bluetooth media devices.

Multiple Channels

For a smoother, richer sound, multiple channels create greater sound clarity. Available in 32, 64, 96, our most advanced channel option.


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Helping People Hear Better

When you come to a Lucid Hearing Solutions Center, expect to be met with empathy, experience and care. All of our Hearing Specialists and Audiologists have advanced Lucid Certifications in addition to their extensive medical training and licenses.

As importantly, we know what it is like to be considering hearing aids for the first time. Our goal is to bring you comfort and clarity from the moment we meet until you walk out the door, hearing clearly for the first time. We use advanced analytics to customize your aid for your specific loss and lifestyle. Whether it takes an hour or multiple visits, we will work with you until you feel like it is just right for the way you live. Many of our customers stop by just to say hello when they are in the neighborhood. That's what makes it all worth it to us—restoring hearing and happiness to our customers.

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Check Out Our
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