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Lucid Hearing’s Mission is Helping People Hear Better. That’s why we offer everyone FREE HEARING TESTS at over 500 Sam’s Club locations around the country. You don’t even need to be a Sam’s Club member. We believe everyone deserves to Hear Better!

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The tests are comfortable and easy, conducted in a professional setting with a Lucid Certified Hearing Specialist. Our specialists have extensive training and will be interested to learn about your lifestyle as well as your hearing so we can find the solution that fits you best.


About Powered by Lucid Hearing Aids

Do hearing aids whistle?

A hearing aid should never whistle once it’s in your ear. If it does, it is not fitted correctly and you should return to your Lucid Hearing Specialist right away for adjustments.

Are hearing aids only for older people? Are all of them big and bulky?

Just like with eye glasses, it is always better to use hearing aids as soon as the need is detected. Many hearing aids Powered by Lucid’s advanced engineering are practically invisible and so comfortable that many people almost forget they are wearing them.

There are hearing aids to suit every lifestyle. If you enjoy socializing in busy places, Powered by Lucid hearing aids are perfect for you. Advanced Lucid technology blocks unwanted and distracting background noise and amplifies speech, so you can focus on the things that are important.

What can I expect as I adjust to my new hearing aids?

You should experience hearing sounds that you have been missing. It may take several weeks for you to get completely comfortable with your new hearing aids as your brains gets reacquainted with background sounds and learns how to balance them. Know Lucid’s technology is working constantly to improve what you hear. Powered by Lucid hearing aids are unique as our Lucid technology constantly analyzes your environment making automatic adjustments to ensure you hear what you want to hear while minimizing noise and sounds you don’t want to hear. This allows you to move from one sound environment to another, like a one-on-one conversation and then a noisy group, without having to make adjustments to your hearing aid settings.

How do I know if I need Hearing Aids?

The results of the audiological evaluation are a critical factor in helping to determine the need for hearing aid(s), the type of hearing aid(s) and whether one or two hearing aids are needed.

The Dispenser will also consider and weigh the patient's personal preferences, overall health and degree of communicative difficulty.

Do I have to be a Sam’s Club member to take advantage of the free hearing test?

No, you do not have to be a Sam’s Club member to make an appointment at one of our 500+ hearing solution centers inside Sam’s Clubs nationwide.

Do I always need to buy hearing aids in pairs?

Lucid Hearing recommends if you have significant hearing loss in both ears you purchase two hearing aids, one for each ear. If you only purchase one hearing aid, you may have difficulty hearing in noisy environments and distinguishing where sounds are originating.

For instances where only one ear has a significant loss, Lucid Hearing recommends purchasing only one hearing aid but continuing your annual exams to ensure there is no loss in the healthy ear. Should you notice it being more difficult to distinguish sounds from the non-hearing aid ear, you should contact your Lucid Hearing certified specialist to schedule another hearing evaluation promptly.