Lucid Hearing’s Mission is Helping People Hear Better. That’s why we offer everyone FREE HEARING TESTS at over 500 Sam’s Club locations around the country. You don’t even need to be a Sam’s Club member. We believe everyone deserves to Hear Better!

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The tests are comfortable and easy, conducted in a professional setting with a Lucid Certified Hearing Specialist. Our specialists have extensive training and will be interested to learn about your lifestyle as well as your hearing so we can find the solution that fits you best.


Besides helping you to hear and understand voices better, properly adjusted hearing aids will allow you to hear sounds that previously may not have been audible. You may notice that your own voice is louder, too. Your entire auditory system will adjust to the new sounds that have not been heard for a long time. The sound of wrinkling newspaper or water running may be annoying at first.

However, after about 2-3 weeks, you will notice an adjustment to these environmental sounds. Gradually increasing the amount of time you wear the hearing aids will result in an easier transition to amplified sound. During the initial adjustment period, follow-up visits are crucial to your success with amplification.

We keep most products instock and ready for delivery. You can walk out with your hearing instruments in most cases.

Depending on your unique loss, lifestyle, and preferences, we have many options including custom made hearing aids that we generally fit in 10 business days, however our most popular products are fit in about an hour. Gone are the days of waiting weeks or months for your new hearing instrument.

The results of the audiological evaluation are a critical factor in helping to determine the need for hearing aid(s), the type of hearing aid(s) and whether one or two hearing aids are needed.

The Dispenser will also consider and weigh the patient's personal preferences, overall health and degree of communicative difficulty.

We recommend you get a free hearing test annually.

Depending on the hearing solution center location, you will either be tested by a state licensed hearing specialist or audiologist.

Many of our associates are Nationally Board Certified, belong to industry organizations, participate in their state board, and all of them are Lucid™ Certified which is an educational requirement prior to operating a hearing center.

Your hearing test results are immediately available. Upon your request, we will provide you with a paper copy of your test results at no cost.

Lucid™ Hearing provides a flat, easy to understand cost for your hearing instruments.

You’ll never be charged for a consultation fee, fitting fee, service or cleaning fees, evaluation fees, and service related products are always free for the life of your hearing aid.

Absolutely not. Hearing test are complimentary at any of our 500+ locations nationwide.

Our Hearing Aid Specialists and Audiologists are not paid on commission to eliminate sales pressure and conflict of interest to give you the best possible experience.

After your hearing is tested, we will then review your test results and make a recommendation. If we recommend that your hearing loss is one that may require a medical physician, you will be referred to a physician.

If your hearing loss is determined to not be medically correctable, we recommend a product that best suits your hearing, lifestyle and budget needs and allow you to wear a hearing instrument for up to 90 days risk free.

There is never any pain during a hearing test. In fact, if you indicate that there is pain in your ear, we will refer you to a physician before testing your hearing.
Hearing tests take 25-45 minutes, but a short hearing screening can also be administered to determine if you need further testing.

You can expect a comprehensive and thorough hearing exam starting with an assessment of your medical history as it pertains to your hearing. We will then conduct a video otoscopy which helps us safely and carefully examine the outer ear and eardrum. You will then undergo a complete audiological evaluation to determine if you have hearing loss and to determine the degree and type of hearing loss.

Our state licensed hearing specialists and audiologists will be with you every step of the way during your free hearing test. With state of the art equipment and patented technology, getting the hearing help you need has never been easier.

No, you do not have to be a Sam’s Club member to make an appointment at one of our 500+ hearing solution centers inside Sam’s Clubs nationwide.