40+ Years as an Audiologist and Counting

The Intersections Between Audiology and Government 

Beverly G., Ph.D., is an Audiologist and Life Improvement audiologistSpecialist at Lucid Hearing. We’re lucky to welcome her to the team: she’s been with us for about 3 months, but she is bringing 40+ years of experience as an audiologist to her work at Lucid!

Beverly became an audiologist at a young age. She took the responsibility of helping people hear better very seriously from the beginning of her career. Here are just a few of the things Beverly has already accomplished in her career: 

  • Chairing the national committee that created the model licensure for audiologists in the country
  • Authoring Ohio legislation which still exists today requiring every Ohio birth hospital to screen newborns for hearing loss
  • Providing home-care audiology for over 20 years helping travel-challenged elderly individuals have the opportunity to hear better.

And that’s not all!

Just last year, Beverly was a candidate for Congress! Most of her days were spent in the inner cities, meeting with families, and learning about their conditions and needs. She traveled throughout her district giving speeches and meeting with elected community leaders. Her family continues to be engaged in these inner city communities in 2017.

“Can’t Beat This!!!!”

Beverly’s favorite part of working at Lucid so far is: “Helping People Hear Better.” She enjoys taking her 40+ years of experience as an audiologist along with her own experiences with hearing loss and transferring her knowledge and enthusiasm for successful hearing to members who are struggling with hearing loss. In her first 60 days, she has helped 19 people Hear Better. Members are returning to the Club for check ups with her and her team, and the members are reporting great successes in their new lives–“Can’t beat this!!!!” says Beverly!

In her work as an Audiologist and Life Improvement Specialist, Beverly works with members to understand their own hearing loss and emphasizes how simple and easy it is to really get your life back. As Beverly explains, treating hearing loss eliminates the struggle to communicate, reduces one’s depression, and avoids memory loss issues–the perfect trifecta.

Comparing Lucid Technology

Here’s what Beverly has to say about Lucid Hearing’s technology: “Our linear technology is amazing. I can look absolutely everyone who I test in the eye, and tell them for a fact, that in my 40+ years of providing audiology services in Cleveland and Northeast Ohio, I have never been able to sell a better product, at a better price, with such comprehensive warranty and insurance coverage. Yes, some other stores and outlets may offer a slightly lower price point, but the level of our value for our price point does not exist anywhere else.”

A Family at Work and at Home

Beverly has been a Sam’s Club member for over 25 years, so getting a job with Lucid felt like “getting a job at home.” She knows where most things are located in the store, and she especially likes to have friendly relationships with all the other employees at the Sam’s in Oakwood Village.

When Beverly isn’t writing legislation, running for Congress, or working with Lucid Hearing as an Audiologist and Life Improvement Specialist, she is spending time with her husband, Michael. They have been married for 48 years, and, as Beverly says, “that’s a long time to hang around your best friend.” Beverly and Michael have kids and grandkids who she loves spending time with.

Beverly feels very lucky that her age does not prevent her from having an opportunity to continue Helping People Hear Better in 2017 and beyond! She might feel lucky, but we feel luckier to have such a great Audiologist and Life Improvement Specialist on board! She is just another example of our truly outstanding employees!