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how can we make better hearing accessible for all?

As one of the largest hearing aid manufacturers in the world, Lucid Hearing® is dedicated to helping the more than 48 million Americans experiencing hearing loss.

We offer free online hearing assessments as well as in-store tests at our over 400 Lucid Hearing clinics nationwide. Our goal is to create more awareness around hearing health by offering protection, maintenance, and innovative tech.

how and why is Lucid Hearing different from the others?

Lucid Hearing's family of brands offers products and solutions designed to enhance, protect and preserve hearing. Our exclusive Powered by Lucid® technology uses up to an industry leading 128 channels to deliver clearer conversations and comfort. While most other brands use compression technology, Lucid® utilizes an adaptive technology developed over decades of hearing aid research and development, resulting in superior clarity and a listener-preferred natural sound.

As the best way to ensure healthy hearing is by preservation, Lucid also offers hearing protection for young and adult ears.

why is hearing health so important?

An average of 48 million Americans are living with hearing loss, yet statistics show most people wait an average of ten years before seeking treatment. Unchecked hearing loss is linked to mental isolation and depression, greater risk of falls, Alzheimers and dementia. The sooner the treatment, the greater the potential to prevent further loss and the sooner you'll be back to hearing the sounds you've been missing.

Whether you or your loved ones are experiencing hearing loss, it’s important to ask questions and get the support you need. Our hearing specialists are available every day to assist you along the journey to hearing better.


There were tears of joy as Mom tried the new hearing aids. She was suddenly able to hear and comprehend everything we said. Her life was changed and so was ours.

Son and mom happy that mom is able to hear

My grandkids admitted that I was making them crazy asking them to repeat everything.
Now I hear it all...and I may go crazy.
As the kids say, “LOL!”

Happy elderly couple smiling together

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