SPECIALIST SPOTLIGHT: Steve’s Passion for Improving People’s Lives Every day!

This month we decided it long overdue to spotlight one of our valued team members. Well, they are all valued but this month we feel compelled to share Steve’s story. Steve has been with our team as a Hearing Specialist now for 4 years. What makes him so special is each and every day he looks forward to the ability to greatly improve the lives of the people he helps. He states, “The perfect day is most definitely to have someone to help sitting with me at the HAC every hour of the day!!”


Steve undeniably accredits his long-term success and his favorite part of working at Lucid Hearing to the support from his Direct Managers (DM), General Managers (GM), and the entire support staff at corporate headquarters.

Over the past 4 years, Steve has had many many memorable experiences with providing hearing assistance and helping numerous people Hear Better. He shared a few of these experiences with us.


“The family of the gentleman I helped hear better from this last spring just before Easter came in as a whole [family] at his one-week checkup super thrilled because “We got our Dad back!”  Super cool to say the least!

Steve could spend all day explaining all day why he got into this line of work, but the biggest reason is his desire to help people. He goes on to describe a recent experience where a man who, “…only had one usable ear.” And this usable ear had a severe and profound loss with very poor discrimination (word recognition).  He goes on to explain all communication between him and his wife was all but lost. Immediately upon fitting him and after only a few words spoken by his wife, they both began to cry tears of job which he declares is, “Exactly what this job is about!”


Helping people, comforting people in need and striving to utilize the best strategies for optimal health is normal practice for Steve. Steve believes Lucid’s unique product line and approach addresses hearing assistance and augmentation in a unique and compelling way. Lucid’s revolutionary technology and commitment to providing first-time users to experienced users quality service.

From the initial screening to one’s unique fitting needs, through our continued service proves Lucid Hearing’s “dedication to making sure each and every patient receives the value they deserve.” Steve is humbled by the value and assistance he brings to his patients. Equally, he notes, “it is reciprocal.” His patients bring joy and an ultimate sense of fulfillment to his life.


Steve has noticed hearing assistance and hearing aids change the impaired and their families’ lives for the better. One of the many joy’s of his job is watching the profound change that takes place from start-to-finish from life before being tested to receiving the benefits of wearing our products!

The life-changing improvement and all around the improvement of the overall quality of life is no doubt one of the best pars of his job. “The most important benefit to a dedicated fitting is when the patient’s ability to maintain and improve relationships with family and friends is accomplished because of our products and our dedication.”


Often, Steve explains, “one of the biggest surprises is when they realize they have a loss and it isn’t because other people are mumbling.” He goes on to describe once they experience a product demonstration they quickly hear and are able to fully understand what and how much they have been missing out on and exactly how their life can be improved!

When Steve is not helping his patients hear better, he enjoys spending time in the garden learning and eating healthy. We are lucky to have Steve’s expertise, loyalty, and his dedication on our team!

Megan E. has only been working at Lucid Hearing for a couple of months, but she is already embodying the Lucid Hearing spirit!

Megan is a Hearing Instrument Specialist. Curious about what a Hearing Instrument Specialist does? A Hearing Instrument Specialist selects and fits hearing aids for customers. In addition, hearing instrument specialists administer and interpret hearing tests and hearing instrumentmeasure the effectiveness of hearing instruments. Some of their job includes: preparing, designing, and modifying ear molds for the purpose of hearing aids. This job takes talent, skills, patience, and a kind demeanor, all of which Megan demonstrates every day.

There’s one main thing that inspires Megan to look forward to coming into work each day: “The opportunity to help someone hear better, each and every day, because the sounds of life are so sweet to hear.” Megan appreciates the sounds in the world, from the softest to the louder sounds, and she shares this appreciation with those who she tests and fits for hearing aids.

Her favorite part of working at Lucid Hearing in her short time with us has been the “amazing products and VALUE!” According to Megan, Lucid is an amazing company to work for because of the environment of teamwork. Everyone supports each other and everyone is valued for their work.

When asked about the 3 things she would want the world to know her, Megan answered with these three things:

  1. My PASSION is what drives me.
  2. I LOVE animals, reading, and recycling.
  3. I’m so, so, so THANKFUL for those that have helped me carve y path in the hearing profession.

Megan offers so much to our team at Lucid Hearing and we are glad to have her on board!

Hearing Loss in the Family

Manuel V. has been a Lucid Hearing Specialist for approximately 1 year now and he has been making an incredible impact on the people he fits with hearing aids.

We took some time to learn more about Manuel’s perspective on hearing loss, and his experiences with Lucid Hearing. We came away feeling inspired by his commitment to the field of hearing technology and are excited to share what we learned with you!

Manuel first became interested in becoming a hearing specialist because his own father had hearing loss. Manuel remembers seeing the frustration, discomfort, and embarrassment that came with his father’s hearing loss. Now, Manuel envisions every patient that sits in his booth as his father. By envisioning every patient as his father, Manuel is able to sympathize with the patient at a deep level. This sympathy drives Manuel to help every patient to the best of his ability.

Every day, Manuel assists about 7 to 10 people. That’s between 1, 827 and 2, 610 visits a year! Manuel stays busy at work, but still gives every person who walks through the door his undivided attention.

Focusing on Helping People Hear Better

Manuel’s favorite part about working for Lucid Hearing is that as a salaried employee, he can focus on helping people hear better, as opposed to trying to sell a product. Every day, he comes to work hoping that he can help someone hear better, regardless of whether they purchase a product or not. In this way, his job is educational and people-centered. He believes this is what keeps him grounded and keeps him excited to come to work every day.

In addition, Manuel appreciates Lucid’s partnership with Sam’s Club because it demonstrates Lucid Hearing’s commitment to affordable hearing aids. Manuel explains: “By partnering with Sam’s Club, Lucid Hearing is able to save the member a substantial amount of money by eliminating franchise expenses, most overhead, and commission.”

Communication at the Heart of Hearing Technology

At the heart of hearing technology, according to Manuel, is communication. He says, “Speech understanding is one of the biggest benefits of amplification. There can be a lot of joy and relief to finally being able to join those conversations at the dinner table or to be able to understand what your children or grandchildren have been saying this whole time.”

However, Manuel often finds himself reminding members: Hearing aids are less like a pair of eyeglasses and more like physical rehabilitation. It can take some time and slight discomfort to find your correct amount of amplification, so patience and perseverance are a must.”

Manuel’s steadfast dedication to helping people hear better is so appreciated and admired! We feel grateful to have him on our team!

Spotlight on Michelle E.

hearing assistance

Michelle, a Hearing Specialist at Lucid Hearing

Michelle has been a valued specialist at Lucid Hearing for 3 years now and still looks forward to coming into work to share smiles with members and build lasting relationships. She originally decided to become a Hearing Specialist because she is a “people person.” She loves giving and helping others. In addition, she loves music, and she couldn’t imagine her life (or anyone else’s) without communication or the sounds of life. As she told us, “this career was a perfect fit!” Before working as a Hearing Specialist, Michelle was an Artist/ Muralist for 15 years! Michelle has a BBA in Marketing and has three kids who are her inspiration and motivation. She thrives off of creativity, nature, and knowledge.

Over the past 3 years, Michelle has had many many memorable experiences with providing hearing assistance and helping people Hear Better. She shared a few of these experiences and insights with us.

From Shampoo to “I can hear you!”

Here’s one experience Michelle described: “The first time I helped a member, I met them on the shampoo aisle in the club. A nice couple was walking around looking for something, so I asked if I could help them out. I sparked up a conversation with them, and within an hour, I had the gentleman hearing and extremely happy! Their spirits were high, and we all shared a good laugh about their unexpected life event. The wife explained, ‘We just came in for some shampoo and eggs, and you changed our lives forever!! It was just fate that we met you!’ Then she gave me a warm hug and thanked me.”

Building Trusting Relationships

As Michelle described, “I have members that I have already fit with hearing aids who approach me with a smile and just sit down and want to visit with me. We build a trusted relationship which leads to friendships. I learn about their families, their lifestyles, and what they care about. This helps me not only understand where they are coming from, but also helps me to be able to pinpoint their hearing needs and perfect their communication and hearing abilities.”

After a member is tested and receives hearing assistance, Michelle describes that the difference is “like night and day–literally someone’s quality of life is changed in a matter of minutes.” In fact, the best part of Michelle’s day is seeing the “excitement and joy that [her] members express after they are hearing out of the hearing aids for the first time.”

Strengthening Families

Michelle has noticed that hearing assistance and hearing aids change families for the better. In her words, “I love that the hearing aid user is behind themselves with their newfound hearing abilities and confidence. Another huge part of the process is that the other family members are essentially gaining their family member back. The lost conversation, the hollering, frustration, and repeating are a thing of the past. There is a sense of peace that is so fulfilling.”

Hearing Loss as a Surprise

Often, Michelle explains, members are shocked to hear they have hearing loss. People think they can hear fine, and she often hears the phrase, “My spouse just wants me to be tested.” However, deep down, Michelle believes these people have a hunch that something was off. When she goes over the audiogram and explains in detail what their particular struggles may be, members sometimes look at her like she is a fortune teller! They exclaim: “YES! Yes! That’s exactly how it is, I do have those issues! I can hear, but I AM missing out on things!”

The Importance of Giving Back and Having Passions

Michelle is a passionate person who truly cares for others. Along with providing hearing assistance every day at work, Michelle likes to help out wherever she can in community outreach programs. She has helped with her local community in many ways, financially, emotionally, and spiritually. Michelle has helped in children’s shelters, has helped prepare care packages for the homeless and deployed, has physically helped rebuild and repair homes for the needy, and has collected shoes and school supplies to those in need. She also loves to run in a lot of 5Ks that are raising money for various benefits!

Getting to learn new things and meet new people are some of Michelle’s favorite things! She is always trying to learn and self improve, physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally.

We are lucky to have Michelle’s passion, warmth, curiosity, and dedication on our team!


Interacting with Empathy 

Joy B., one of our wonderful Hearing Instrument Specialists, truly understands what her patients are going through when they are getting accustomed to their hearing aids.

hearing instrument specialist

Joy is an empathetic, talented Hearing Instrument Specialist on our team!

How does she know?

Joy is an amputee and has had 18 surgeries.  She understands that adapting to changes is a process. She also understands the importance of supporting each other through the process of adaptation–regardless of how big or small the challenge is.

Every day, Joy brings her deep empathy (along with her incredible talent) with her to work with Lucid Hearing. 

Her Inspiration: Helping People Hear

Joy has been working at Lucid Hearing for 1 year.  When asks what inspired her to get into this line of work, she responded, “To help people. My passion in life is helping others and this field is great to do that in.  To watch people hear how they are meant to hear is an amazing feeling and I am honored to be a part of that process!

Joy enjoys interacting with members and learning about their hearing and their experience with hearing loss.  She makes an effort to set realistic expectations of what hearing aids can do for peoples’ hearing loss. “When given realistic expectations,” Joy explains, “people always do well and it greatly improves their quality of life.”

Lucid Hearing’s Superior Sound

Joy has worked with a lot of different products, but she says she enjoys Lucid’s product line more than any other!  What sets Lucid’s products apart?  Joy cites the free aftercare services, the free software updates, and the clarity of the products.  According to Joy, her favorite part of working at Lucid Hearing is: working with an amazing product with superior sound!

We are lucky to have Joy on our team as a Hearing Instrument Specialist!  The talent and passion she brings is so valuable! Joy works at our hearing center in Temple, TX.  Come by to say “hi” if you’re ever in the area!

A Family Legacy of Helping People Hear Better

Liz K. is a Hearing Instrument Specialist at Lucid Hearing.  She’s been working at Lucid for 5 years, but she’s been immersed in the hearing aid industry for her whole life.  Liz’s mother, older brother, sister AND husband all work in the hearing industry.  Though her mother is retired, her mother’s heart still melts when she hears about her family’s work continuing the family legacy in the hearing industry.

Family Legacy

Liz comes from a family legacy of helping people hear! She’s keeping the legacy alive by helping up to 10 members hear every single day!

Liz took the time to talk to us about her work as a Hearing Instrument Specialist at Lucid Hearing, and we felt SO inspired by her stories and passion.

Liz fell in with the hearing aid industry while she was working as her mother-in-law’s Office Manager at her hearing aid company.  Every day at work is exciting for Liz.  In her words: “I enjoy coming into my office knowing I have a booked day of tests and just having that ‘feeling’ of KNOWING I’m going to help someone improve the quality of their life.”  Liz helps up to 10 people per day!

Memorable Experiences with Members

Her favorite parts of working as a Hearing Instrument Specialist at Lucid Hearing are: her experiences and interactions with the members, and the relationships she has built.  Here are three relationships she’s developed with members that especially inspire here:

  • “I’ve known Leo for a little over 12 years.  He was a member at the country club I used to work for.  I saw him come in a few times with Barbara, his wife, and we would chat for a few minutes.  They came in one day to order Barbara some new glasses and I stole Leo for a hearing test while she was with Optical.  I did a full test and he purchased right then.  He’s been back a few times for follow-up appointments and adjustments. I’m thrilled that I got to help someone I’ve known for so long.
  • “Mike walked up wanting a test and knowing he needed hearing aids.  The day Mike purchased, he went home and wrote a review about me on Facebook.  He came in for his follow-up appointment and brought me a coke and a hotdog.  A man after my own heart… 🙂  He emailed Bob, (my District Manager at the time) and told him how great of a job I had done and to give me a ‘gold star.’  Mike has since upgraded to the ENG32s and I’m so happy for him!”
  • “One of my favorite experiences is with Mr. N. He was so quiet and a “man of few words” when he came to me.  His wife and daughter had told me that he had a stroke a while back. After I tested him and put some hearing aids on him, we walked around the club and he just wouldn’t stop talking!  He was a whole new man! Telling jokes and teasing his wife!  It was awesome!”

The Importance of Getting Tested Early 

Liz believes Lucid’s product line and approach is really the “best bang for your buck” because Lucid Hearing offers financing and low cost hearing aids.”

However, she notes, some people delay coming in to Lucid Hearing because they don’t even realize they have a hearing loss.

As Liz explains, “Some people don’t even realize they have a hearing loss.  Their brain has already forgotten so many sounds.  They are also shocked when they learn that hearing loss MAY lead to dementia the longer it goes untreated.  Some people even put 2 and 2 together and realize that was what one (or both) of their parents were going through.”

It’s Hearing Instrument Specialists like Liz whose passion inspires us to continue making life-changing hearing technology accessible. Her story of a family legacy of helping people hear better just blew us away! Liz is at the San Antonio location, so stop by and visit her!  And don’t forget to bring her a coke and hotdog when you do 🙂