There is so much information out there about hearing aids, and with technology advancing all the time, it's sometimes hard to know what's best. Here are a few of the questions our customers appreciated us answering.

General Questions

Do hearing aids whistle?

A hearing aid should never whistle once it’s in your ear. If it does, it is not fitted correctly and you should return to your Lucid Hearing Specialist right away for adjustments.

Are hearing aids only for older people? Are all of them big and bulky?

Just like with eye glasses, it is always better to use hearing aids as soon as the need is detected. Many hearing aids Powered by Lucid’s advanced engineering are practically invisible and so comfortable that many people almost forget they are wearing them.

There are hearing aids to suit every lifestyle. If you enjoy socializing in busy places, Powered by Lucid hearing aids are perfect for you. Advanced Lucid technology blocks unwanted and distracting background noise and amplifies speech, so you can focus on the things that are important.

What can I expect as I adjust to my new hearing aids?

You should experience hearing sounds that you have been missing. It may take several weeks for you to get completely comfortable with your new hearing aids as your brains gets reacquainted with background sounds and learns how to balance them. Know Lucid’s technology is working constantly to improve what you hear. Powered by Lucid hearing aids are unique as our Lucid technology constantly analyzes your environment making automatic adjustments to ensure you hear what you want to hear while minimizing noise and sounds you don’t want to hear. This allows you to move from one sound environment to another, like a one-on-one conversation and then a noisy group, without having to make adjustments to your hearing aid settings.

How do I know if I need Hearing Aids?

The results of the audiological evaluation are a critical factor in helping to determine the need for hearing aid(s), the type of hearing aid(s) and whether one or two hearing aids are needed.

The Dispenser will also consider and weigh the patient's personal preferences, overall health and degree of communicative difficulty.

Do I have to be a Sam’s Club member to take advantage of the free hearing test?

No, you do not have to be a Sam’s Club member to make an appointment at one of our 500+ hearing solution centers inside Sam’s Clubs nationwide.

Do I always need to buy hearing aids in pairs?

Lucid Hearing recommends if you have significant hearing loss in both ears you purchase two hearing aids, one for each ear. If you only purchase one hearing aid, you may have difficulty hearing in noisy environments and distinguishing where sounds are originating.

For instances where only one ear has a significant loss, Lucid Hearing recommends purchasing only one hearing aid but continuing your annual exams to ensure there is no loss in the healthy ear. Should you notice it being more difficult to distinguish sounds from the non-hearing aid ear, you should contact your Lucid Hearing certified specialist to schedule another hearing evaluation promptly.

Hearing Exam Questions

How long does a hearing exam take?

We keep most products in stock and ready for delivery. You can walk out with your hearing instruments in most cases.

Depending on your unique loss, lifestyle, and preferences, we have many options including custom-made hearing aids that we generally fit in 10 business days, however, our most popular products are fit in about an hour. Gone are the days of waiting weeks or months for your new hearing instrument.

Is the hearing exam painful in any way?

There is never any pain during a hearing test. In fact, if you indicate that there is pain in your ear, we will refer you to a physician before testing your hearing.

How quickly do I get my free hearing test results?

Your hearing test results are immediately available. Upon your request, we will provide you with a paper copy of your test results at no cost.

How often should I get my hearing tested?

We recommend you get a free hearing test annually.

Are there any hidden costs associated with the hearing test?

Lucid Hearing provides a flat, easy to understand cost for your hearing instruments.

You’ll never be charged for a consultation fee, fitting fee, service or cleaning fees, evaluation fees, and service related products are always free for the life of your hearing aid.

What makes Powered by Lucid Hearing Aids special?

Lucid’s Hearing technology uses adaptive dynamic range optimization to deliver a more natural sound quality that is superior to traditional “compression” hearing aid technology. Powered by Lucid technology focuses on allowing you to hear the sounds that are most important to you and ensuring that they are not only loud enough to hear but also comfortable to listen to. Our Lucid technology constantly analyzes your environment making automatic adjustments to ensure you hear what you want to hear while minimizing noise and sounds you don’t want to hear. This allows you to move from one sound environment to another, like a one-on-one conversation and then a noisy group, without having to make adjustments to your hearing aid settings.

How does Lucid Hearing fit my hearing aids?

The Lucid Hearing certified hearing specialist will use the results of your audiogram to assist in the fitting of your Powered by Lucid hearing aids. The audiogram will be compared to the fitting ranges of our digital hearing aids to determine which of these will best meet your specific needs. Once we have selected the best hearing aid devices for you, our proprietary LucidFit® software application is used to fit the hearing aid devices to your loss and listening preferences. Our fitting protocol combines individual hearing test results, unique ear canal acoustics, and loudness preference to provide truly customized user settings. You will be asked to sign a 90-day pledge to return to the hearing center for any future adjusts you may require.

Who is conducting the hearing test and what are their qualifications?

Depending on the hearing solution center location, you will either be tested by a state licensed hearing specialist or audiologist.

Many of our associates are Nationally Board Certified, belong to industry organizations, participate in their state board, and all of them are Lucid™ Certified which is an educational requirement prior to operating a hearing center.

What happens during my Free Hearing Evaluation?

During your free hearing evaluation at a participating Lucid Hearing Center, you will undergo a thorough hearing test by a Lucid Hearing certified specialist to determine the health of your hearing. You will sit in an enclosed hearing booth while several different tones and words are given to you and will be required to acknowledge when you hear the tone or repeat the word. LucidFit® software application is used by our hearing specialists to measure the health of our client’s hearing. If a deficiency is identified, the Lucid Hearing specialist will recommend the best options for you to hear clearly again.

Hearing Loss Questions

What causes hearing loss?

Hearing and vision can naturally begin to change as we age. While most people will get their vision tested every year or two, we do not think to have our hearing checked. A hearing loss can affect people at any age and we recommend that everyone have a hearing test annually, especially if you are 40 or older.

The leading cause of hearing loss is the constant over-exposure to loud noises. If you have worked in a loud factory, near loud automobiles, served in the active military, or have gone to loud concerts, you may have damaged your hearing. It is recommended you have your hearing tested. Go to LucidHearing.com or call 1-866-727-9562 to schedule a free hearing evaluation with one of our partners’ Lucid Certified Hearing Specialists.

What are early signs of hearing loss?

Early signs of hearing loss include:

  • Difficulty understanding words, especially when in a noisy environment or crowd
  • Needing to turn up the volume on your television or radio where it distracts others in the room
  • Often ask people to repeat themselves or to speak more slowly and loudly
  • Being told you are mumbling your speech
  • Feeling more isolated, withdrawn from conversations
  • Miss hearing the doorbell or a phone ringing
  • Experience buzzing or ringing in your ears

If you are experiencing any one of these issues, go to www.LucidHearing.com or call 1-866-727-9562 to schedule a free hearing evaluation with one of our partners’ Lucid Certified Hearing Specialists.

Will hearing aids make my hearing worse?

You should always feel benefit from hearing aids but they will never make the level of hearing you have without them worse. Hearing aids stimulate the auditory nerves meaning you tune in where previously you may have been tuning out.

When you first start using a hearing aid it can take up to six weeks for your hearing to adjust, for example those who live near a train station will gradually become used to the sounds of the trains. A big advantage of hearing aids Powered by Lucid™ is that our smart technology blocks out unwanted sounds like extreme traffic noise or construction work.

Am I required to buy hearing aids if I have hearing loss?

Absolutely not. Hearing test are complimentary at any of our 500+ locations nationwide.

Our Hearing Aid Specialists and Audiologists are not paid on commission to eliminate sales pressure and conflict of interest to give you the best possible experience.

How do I talk to a loved one about hearing loss?

Approaching the subject of hearing loss with a loved one isn't easy. You may be able to see the signs but because hearing loss is often a gradual process, those who are experiencing it may not always realize there is anything unusual and that they could benefit from specialist help. While it may seem obvious to you, it can come as a shock to them that you’ve noticed their loss, so it is best to approach the subject in small steps. Having a friendly chat about what you've noticed may help them to become more comfortable with what's going on and more open to looking for a solution. The good news is that Powered by Lucid hearing aids are dispensed at places that are fun to go, making the testing and fitting experience a bit more enjoyable. For convenience and value for our customers, you can find Powered by Lucid Hearing Centers in many Sam’s Clubs, Cabella’s and Meijer’s or online at AmericaHears.com. Often entering a familiar environment takes the edge off the fear of testing. Our trained Certified Hearing Specialists know the emotion involved with hearing loss and are sensitive and caring with each customer.

Let your loved one know that everyday situations like talking on the telephone, watching TV or being in large groups with background noise, can be much clearer and enjoyable with hearing aids Powered by Lucid. Once they understand in practical terms that hearing loss is having an impact on their everyday life, it can often motivate them to seek assistance.

All our Hearing Centers offer Free Hearing Tests. Maybe both of you get a test! We welcome that. It is always best to seek help sooner rather than later, but on average it takes about six years for those with hearing loss to seek help. Imagine all the precious moments that could be missed in that time!

What if I find out I have hearing loss?

After your hearing is tested, we will then review your test results and make a recommendation. If we recommend that your hearing loss is one that may require a medical physician, you will be referred to a physician.

If your hearing loss is determined to not be medically correctable, we recommend a product that best suits your hearing, lifestyle and budget needs and allows you to wear a hearing instrument for up to 90 days risk-free.

Maintenance Questions

Is there a Customer Support phone number if I am having an issue with my hearing aids?

Should your require technical support, place call our Customer Service Group at 1-866-728-0439.

How long will a Lucid Hearing Center adjust my hearing aids for me?

The Lucid Hearing provides adjustments for the original purchaser of Powered by Lucid hearing aids for the duration of the warranty period.

Loss and Damage Extension

The Loss and Damage policy can be extended one time for a total of 4 years of Loss and Damage Coverage. This must occur within 90 days (before or after) the expiration of the policy. Because Loss and Damage covers a one-time replacement only, it is recommended that the extended policy is purchased once the initial policy expires.

Loss and Damage Coverage

Hearing Lab Technology, LLC DBA Lucid Hearing does not warranty hearing instruments that are lost or damaged beyond repair unless a 2 year Loss and Damage Policy was purchased at the time of instrument sale. When purchased, this policy covers a full replacement of the one covered hearing aid and one tube (if applicable) that has been lost or damaged beyond repair. The earmold is included ONLY on SUP64 model and SIE64 model (if the mold was provided prior to loss/damage). Earmolds for all other models are not covered under this policy. The policy must be purchased at the time of original sale. If Binaural (for right and left hearing aids) coverage is desired then two policies must be purchased. Limited to one replacement per covered ear during the two-year term. Only available for the first two years. Warranty date from the original sale does not change for the replacement aid. There is a $300 claim fee for one-year policy (purchased for $99.95) or $200 claim fee for 2-year policy (purchased for $199.95) deductible at the time of claim per hearing aid(s). Replacement hearing aids are provided by the manufacturer and cannot be delivered immediately from Sam’s Club inventory. There is up to a 14 business day waiting period for processing and shipping. If the original hearing instruments are found they are the property of Hearing Lab Technology, LLC DBA Lucid Hearing and must be returned. If the original hearing aids are brought into a Sam’s club after replacement hearing aids have been found, they are returned to the manufacturer.

What type of warranty is offered with Powered by Lucid Hearing Aids?

Hearing Lab Technology, LLC DBA Lucid Hearing warranties all hearing aids for a period of one year from the date of purchase unless otherwise specified. This one-year warranty covers defects in workmanship and materials as well as repairs due to fit and/or function that occur during the normal use of the instruments. The one-year warranty does not apply to hearing aids that have been damaged or abused, intentionally or unintentionally and it does not cover the loss of an instrument. Excessive damage includes, but is not limited to: Hearing instruments that have been physically damaged, crushed (stepped on or run over), hearing instruments that a pet has chewed, hearing instruments that have been overexposed to moisture (worn in the shower, pool, laundered, long exposure to high humidity areas), a hearing instrument that has been overexposed to heat (stored in glove compartment of car, dried in a microwave or oven), and hearing instruments damaged in shipping. Tampering with and/or altering the hearing aid will void the warranty. Hearing Lab Technology, LLC DBA Lucid Hearing shall, at its sole discretion, determine if a hearing instrument is damaged beyond repair and therefore not covered under the standard repair warranty. If Binaural (for right and left hearing aids) coverage is desired then two policies must be purchased. This warranty does not cover the replacement of earmolds, acoustic tubes or ear tips. Earmolds (if applicable) are under warranty for modification and/or remake (new style, new model, new mold) for 90 days for fit and/or comfort.

What can damage my hearing aids?

Moisture from high humidity, perspiration, and earwax, which is naturally produced in the ear canal, are by far the leading causes of hearing aid service issues. To avoid such issues, our leading partners use Liquid Repelling Nano technology to coat every aspect of the hearing aid at a nanoscopic level and protect your hearing aids much more thoroughly than alternative approaches. The result is a truly durable and invisible liquid repellent coating (inside and out) that substantially improves hearing aid protection.

Other things you can do to protect your hearing aids: avoid using hairspray and other hair care products while wearing your hearing aids; do not expose hearing aids to high heat (i.e don’t leave in a hot car); change dead batteries promptly; remember to turn off hearing aids when not inside your ears; don’t use water, alcohol, or solvents to clean your hearing aids.

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We are offering a Free Hearing Exam

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