Linda’s Story: Talking, Hearing, and Breathing are the Main Things in Life

hearing loss

Linda B., pictured at home

At Lucid Hearing, we are so proud to have customers that embody the compassion that our company believes in. We recently took some time to speak with one of our beloved customers, Linda about her life and her experience with Lucid Hearing.

Linda realized she had hearing loss during a difficult time in her family. Her husband, Ernie, had just had his heart valve replaced and hadbroken his neck in two places. Linda and her daughter were pouring their hearts into helping Ernie get back on his feet, but during the process, Linda noticed that her hearing was starting to decline.

A friend of Ernie’s mentioned that he had bought his hearing aids with Lucid Hearing at the Sam’s Club in Abilene. He highly recommended Lucid Hearing, so Linda decided to check it out.

Once at Lucid Hearing, Linda’s life changed. “The audiologist was absolutely wonderful,” Linda remembers.

“From the moment I put the hearing aid in my ear, I could hear everything that was going on. I just got so excited because I could hear everything that was going on around me!”  Linda continues, “We all think this couldn’t happen to us, but guess what: it can. It won’t be just like when we were younger, but it has been so amazing.”

Linda’s hearing aids Christmas presents from her husband. She is grateful because, as she puts it: “It just feels like I’m a part of everything that goes on around me! I’m proud that we took this step.”

Linda’s life has changed in some profound ways since getting hearing aids. For example, she doesn’t have the TV blaring anymore like she used to. And now, she can talk on the phone that is in the office effortlessly. Linda is especially glad that she can hear her 21 year old granddaughter call from New York. “My granddaughter will call and say ‘grandma,’ and I just beam!” says Linda. Linda’s granddaughter is going to be spending a semester in Washington, DC soon, and Linda is excited to keep hearing about her DC experiences on the phone!

In addition, Linda can hear the birds now. In the traffic, she can hear what’s going on behind her without anyone having to honk their horn at her. She can be in the kitchen and still hear everything that’s happening on the TV, even though she can’t see it. “It’s opened up a whole new world,” reflects Linda. “Last week, I heard something beeping like crazy and I noticed it and it ended up being the 9 o’clock alarm on a smartphone. I wouldn’t have heard that before, so it’s neat,” notes Linda.

According to Linda, “Getting hearing aids was the easiest thing in the world. These are so comfortable, I can barely even tell I have them on!”

In fact, the first day Linda had her hearing aids in, she got in the shower and heard a “womp, womp” sound. She noticed that she had her hearing aids on! She didn’t get them wet, but she was amazed that she could hear the water hitting her hair! She then told her doctor: “It was so funny because it’s like a warning went off when I heard a sound that I wouldn’t have heard before!”

Now, Linda keeps her hearing aids with her all the time. She puts them in right after she puts her glasses on in the morning!

Linda is currently retired. During her career, she did insurance work for doctors. Her specialty was anesthesia. She then worked for a billing group. In addition, she worked for an ENT Doctor in Dallas at Medical City Hospital.  The most exciting thing Linda remembers from that time was when she saw a child brought to America from Kosovo and seeing that child go through the pretesting, working with speech pathologists, and the audiologist. “The most wonderful sight,” Linda recalls, “was being able to see this child hear for the first time and being able to look at her mother and say ‘mama’.”

Linda enjoys being retired because she gets the chance to do Sudoku, crosswords, cross-stitch, and spend time with her two little puppy dogs.

Most of all, Linda enjoys helping people when they need help. “I like to help people,” shares Linda. “I like to give people a hand.”

Linda has a speaking valve that helps patients who have had tracheostomies. Her experience prompted her to commit to “helping anyone that needs help.” As Linda explains, “some trach patients think their lives are over. But their lives are not over. I want to help anyone who needs help.”

If Linda could share one message with everyone, she would share this: “People need to understand that even though we’re getting older, we don’t have to get rid of the greatest activities. Talking, hearing, and breathing are the main things, and having access to these things makes all the difference in the world.”

As Linda reflects on the impact her hearing aids have made on her life, she shares: “Being able to hear better is the best thing to happen to me besides marrying my husband and having our daughter. I just feel so lucky.”

We feel lucky to have Linda as a member. It’s people with hearts like hers that keep us going and inspire us to do the work that we do.