Swim Plugs for Swimming This Summer!

It’s summertime, so it’s time to hop into the pool or hit the waves at the beach! But not so fast! What’s your plan for keeping your ear canals dry??

Your ear canal runs from your eardrum to the outside of your head, and when water remains in your ear after you swim, the moist environment inside your ear can spur bacterial growth. This bacterial growth can create an infection in your ear, which is called “swimmer’s ear.”

Lucid Hearing’s custom swim plugs can help protect your ears by keeping your ear canals dry while you swim!

These custom swim plugs are great for all ages and for all ear shapes! They are shaped precisely to the unique contours of your ear, making for a much better fit than standard plugs. These swim plugs are just what you need for swimming this summer! They are handcrafted by master technicians and are warranted for comfort, fit, and feedback for 90 days! Swim plugs are extremely durable and have a long life with proper care. They are made from floatable silicone, so you won’t lose them at the bottom of the pool! And there’s the option of using hypoallergenic materials to craft your swim plugs, in case you are allergic to any materials.

You’ll feel at ease the next time you jump into a pool, ocean, or lake this summer with your swim plugs fitted snugly in your ears! Swimming this summer will be more fun and relaxing knowing that your ears are protected from water that might enter them!

Enjoy swimming this summer, both when you’re in the water and after you get out!

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