Lives positively enhanced by Powered by Lucid hearing aids

Dear Manager, I have an 88-year-old mother and had purchased her a hearing aid a few year ago at a local Chicago (Vernon Hills) Illinois Sam's Club. Now I have brought it back a few times over the years for service, cleaning, etc. and I always seem to be greeted (with a very big smile) every time by Caroline Do-His (In your Sam’s Club Vernon Hills location). I must say that she is the kindest, sweetest, most helpful and patient person that I have ever seen. Not just with my mom and other seniors, but with everybody both young and old alike.

She is truly an amazing and wonderful person, and what you need is to have many, many more amazing and excellent employees such as Caroline. I’m truly grateful that I bought my mom’s hearing aid at Sam’s Club in Vernon, and I will continue to buy there, and to tell everybody I know where to go, and who to ask for. So I had to write this e-mail, just to say that you do have an employee that goes above and beyond on a daily basis and my hat’s off to her and to Sam’s Club.  

Thank you.

-- John S.

My grandkids admitted that I was making them crazy… asking them to repeat everything. Now I hear it all and I may go crazy. As the kids say, 'LOL'!

-- Sandra (California)

'Can you hear me now?' I certainly can hear ever so much better now that I have hearing aids. Once I met Aaron things began to improve. His testing and fitting were done in a very professional manner-friendly & competent. I am most grateful to a friend who recommended him because she was so satisfied. The follow-up service has been so easy & he has made small adjustments as needed. No big fuse or bother. Just call & stop in, no big delay while you might have at some other facility. Aaron gives first-class service! My life has become much more pleasant now that I can comfortably hear conversations and understand better the talking on TV. If in doubt, try it out!

-- Doris O.

I want to thank you two for helping me hear noises that I haven’t heard in years. I can hear crickets that I used to hear at night. I hear them now and it is so nice to hear things on t.v. that I usually don’t hear. I don’t have to ask people to repeat things anymore. I hear people in church now. It is a blessing. I feel like I am living again. Thank you both for your help!

-- Madeline D.

It is fun to go out to dinner again. And I’m back at the bridge table… actually winning now and then. Thanks Lucid!

-- Clarence (Pennsylvania)

Little did I know that a visit to Sam’s Club would change my mother’s life. Actually, it had an impact on many family members and friends too. It was a change for the better. The Story: one day my 92-year-old mother told me she would like to look into getting hearing aids. That pleased me because Mom’s hearing loss was interfering with her ability to talk on the phone or enjoy family time at home. She was fading into the background at gatherings. Just that week I had seen an ad for 'Free Hearing Testing' at Sam’s. We made an appointment and had a delightful time as Helen worked with Mom. What a sweet and caring professional your Helen is! She was patient and kind to Mom. I have to tell you there were tears of joy as Mom tried the new hearing aids. She was suddenly able to hear and comprehend everything we said. Her life was changed and so was ours. We laughingly said, 'Mom, we’ll have to stop talking behind your back!' It’s that Good. One of my favorite incidents happened at breakfast one day. She said, 'Whisper to me.' I did and she heard. Thank you Helen! Thank you Sam’s. Our lives really were changed a couple of weeks ago!

-- Wayne B.