Lives positively enhanced by Powered by Lucid hearing aids

I had forgotten the beauty of music, the subtle sounds of nature. My world is alive again.

-- Gretchen (Colorado)

This last Thursday, I purchased a set of Liberty hearing aids at the Sams Hearing Aid Center #6275 in Wichita, KS. I have never had hearing aids before. I just knew "it was time". Chelsea G., Au.D., FAAA is the audiologist at that location. Her knowledge, ability to communicate, and doctor/patient skills are more than exceptionally good. SAMs/Liberty should consider themselves fortunate she chose to be in partnership with them. The hearing aids themselves are wonderful. Wish I had looked into getting them earlier. Thank you, Chelsea G. and SAMs Hearing Center #6275 for helping me understand how important it is NOT to ignore hearing loss of any kind. My advice to anyone interested is as follows: In order to prevent further permanent nerve damage, anyone having the slightest thought they might need help should immediately contact a qualified Liberty hearing aid professional.

-One Very Satisfied Customer

The experience was actually fun. Your Specialist was knowledgeable and kind and when she put the aids on me - WOW! Who knew what I’d been missing!

-- Herb (Wisconsin)

We had quit talking. Now we enjoy discussing the kids, news, even debating politics.

-- Juan (Texas)